With smoothly tanned skin, deep blue eyes and trademark bangs, Bettie Page was much more than a beautiful pinup model, she was simply the best. Bettie's numerous contradictions undoubtedly add to her charismatic personality. Nice and naughty, shy and daring, simple and exotic, Bettie shone with a freshness never before seen in the modeling industry. Without elaborate props, costumes, or set-dressings, Bettie produced some of the most beautiful shots to ever grace the covers of hundreds of magazines. Her "girl next door" look and innocent smile only complemented her signature features. Her iconic looks landed her in comic books, and she was featured by many contemporary artists such as Olivia, Dave Stevens, and Robert Blue.

Bettie's undeniable influence is present still today in fashion, films, and magazines and among celebrities like Katy Perry, Beyonce, Dita von Teese, Kathy Griffin, Perez Hilton, and Margaret Cho. A symbol of beauty and femininity that transcends ordinary standards, Bettie will forever remain the Queen of Pinups.

Most Known For:
Bettie's iconic bangs, termed 'Bettie Bangs'
Her measurements: 36-23-35, making her the centerfold in the 1955 January issue of Playboy as the "Girl with the Perfect Figure"
The 'Queen of Pinups'
Rocketeer, comic book series

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