More than fifty years after his untimely death, James Dean's legacy lives on worldwide across all ages. Dean is the epitome of what's cool, and has been since 1954. His influence and his iconic looks continue to reach new audiences and he is considered one of popular culture's true greats. In his short lifetime, James Dean only starred in 30 television episodes and commercials, 2 Broadway plays, and 3 major motion pictures. Yet, he is recognized as a worldwide pop culture icon and he has emerged into a powerful brand name.

Although Dean died tragically in an auto accident at the young age of 24, Dean's career has since been honored in many ways, including Oscar and Golden Globe award nominations. Today celebrities like James Franco, Justin Bieber, and Robert Pattinson draw from James Dean's inspiring look and rebel mystique.

Most Known For:
Rebel Without A Cause, East of Eden, Giant
Passion for racing and his cars

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