Dubbed "The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald was the most popular female jazz singer in the United States for more than half a century. Although humble beginnings matured her early in life, she later reflected that she shared these emotions on stage because she felt such great love from her audience.

Her voice was flexible, wide-ranging, accurate and ageless. She could sing sultry ballads, sweet jazz and imitate every instrument in an orchestra. She worked with all the jazz greats, from Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Nat King Cole, to Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie and Benny Goodman. Ella's talents led her to perform at top venues all over the world, win 13 Grammy awards and sell over 40 million albums throughout her lifetime.

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Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald

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Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald